I left a Gmail draft message open in Mail since yesterday because I’m waiting on a detail to finish and send it. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I have hundreds of these copies of my draft in trash now. Mail seems to save two every minute, then trash them (a single copy of my draft is in the actual Drafts folder).

Is this a bug? Or is Mail designed to intentionally save zillions of copies of a draft (just for Gmail accounts?) while the window is open? Can someone explain what the hell Mail is doing here?

Same thing happened to me recently.

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    Same thing happened to me recently.
  2. sam said: Mail is saving the draft every two minutes, and gmail is making a new message rather than updating it. Uncheck “store drafts on server” for your gmail account in the mail prefs.
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    i belief can be a bug, brothet!!
  4. transpondster said: That’s funny, I just started noticing that happening, too, and only with gmail. My symptoms are a little different - not so frequently and the drafts stay in the Drafts folder. Not sure what update might’ve caused this. It’s def new, tho.
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